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Your free Astro Card

Your free Astro Card 1

Unveil your life issues and your coping strengths

Before approaching your daily life issues, you need to answer two existential questions: (1) What is the theme of your life journey and (2) What are your strengths to handle the theme issues? Both questions can be answered with one single card. Do not hesitate to ask your own Astro card. It will empower your potentials with greater self-knowledge. All Astro cards are so rich in archetypes and symbols that one single card will be enough to give a lot of information about your personality and destiny. Analyzing the card statically (objective observation) will answer question (1), and analyzing the card dynamically (subjective observation) will answer question (2). In other words, (1) will indicate your path type and (2) your energy type.

Find out what your own Astro card is and its deep meaning

When you were born, you appeared to the world just like the sun, the moon and the planets rising on the Eastern horizon. Standing in your cradle and staring in that Eastern direction would point towards a zodiac sign. That sign will define your Astro card, which will answer questions (1) and (2) above. There is a 92% probability that your Eastern horizon zodiac sign will be different than your sun sign. Mr Astro is showing your own Astro card and what it can do for you. Just provide us with the simple informations below and you will receive by email a pdf file with your astro card. It includes related keywords as well as the answers to your key existential questions (1) and (2). Again this service is 100% free. No strings attached.

Note – As the processing is done manually, please allow a 48-hour turnaround. Your info will be kept in total confidentiality. 

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