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Your Astro-Birthday is a luxury 30-50-page pdf book based on the planets positions on the day of your birthday. The technique used for your Astro-Birthday is known as Solar Return. After your birthday chart and data, it details the following interpretations.

  • The planets in hemispheres, quadrants, elements and modes
  • Each of the 10 planets in its house as well as its aspects with the other planets
  • The Ascendant sign, rétrogradations and relations between the Sun and the Moon

Your Astro-Birthday is an astrological predictive technique for the year following your birthday. It offers insightful empowering and encouraging advice. With this knowledge even potentially difficult influences can be turned to your advantage. The birthday chart is calculated to the nearest second and for the place where you are spending your birthday.

Your Astro-Birthday will mark the 12 months of the year that follows. Experience has shown that the impact of the coming year can already be felt 3 months before the birthday and can continue for 3 months beyond the year following the next birthday. While a natal chart marks a person whole life, transits will mark a person daily life during a certain period and the Solar Return will mark the year between two consecutive birthdays.

Your Astro-Birthday is the exact birthday of your natal Sun. It marks the beginning of a new cycle and can determine the tone, tenor and potential of the upcoming months. Your moods, attitudes, feelings, and actions are all influenced by this annual event. Your understanding of these influences and your freedom to choose from the options and opportunities that will be available to you can help you make your new year a positive step forward in your life, your success and personal development.

By default, your Astro-Birthday book comes in its full version (30+ pages). However, astrology adepts may prefer a shorter version without the instructive introductions (20+ pages). Core readers may opt for a very minimum version without planetary aspects (10+ pages). Each version comes at the same aready discounted price. Would you select one short version, please indicate “shorter version” or “minimum version” in the message box of the form.


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