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Welcome to the Soli-Lunar Horoscopes

The original Soli-Lunar horoscope is based on the Sun and Moon zodiac signs as well as the related Symbolon card. With both collective and personal meanings, Mr Astro brings horoscopes to a new level.

Traditional horoscopes give you daily informations based on your Sun sign. Thus, 12 zodiac signs mean that for any specific day the entire world is divided in only 12 groups. Each person is then pigeonholed in one of 12 boxes.

With daily Soli-Lunar horoscopes, you can ignore your personal Sun sign. They are based upon two completely different factors, one collective and one very unique to you. At any specific moment, while the Sun and the Moon signs meanings is the same for everybody (collective), the selected card will act as a special mirror of your own inner story (personal).

Sun, Moon and Symbolon Cards

The Sun and the Moon figure among the most ancient archetypes. They symbolize dualities such as day-night, light-darkness, yin-yang as well as masculine-feminine, ego-shadow and consciousness-unconscious. The Sun sweeps the 12 zodiac signs in one year (one sign per seasonal month) and the Moon does the same in 28 days (average: 28/12 = 2.33 days per sign).

Symbolon cards are illustrations combining two zodiac signs archetypes. Each card has multiple astrological purposes. Soli-Lunar horoscopes use the card that correlates the Sun and Moon zodiac signs of the day. While that card is the same for any person, subjectively it will act as a personal mirror where each one will be able to project its own and unique story.

Instead of giving you a rosy picture of the day, Soli-Lunar horoscopes offer you an introspective tool for an issue deeper perception. Whatever your issue, dealing with its inner cause will always bring a better resolution than only addressing its outer symptom. Unlike most other tools, Soli-Lunar horoscopes are designed for the right brain more than the left.

Your Personal Soli-Lunar Guide

At the moment of your birth, the Sun, the Moon and the planets occupied a certain position in the sky. You probably know your zodiac sign, which is nothing else than your Sun sign. Your natal Sun is in one of the 12 zodiacal signs and so is your natal Moon. The 12×12 soli-lunar combinations result thus in 144 possibilities. The Sun and Moon signs will define your personal Soli-Lunar Guide. If needed, you will have the opportunity to find your Moon sign in a very simple way.

How Does It Work Practically?

(1) Watch the card and remember your first impression.
(2) Read carefully the interpretation text
(3) Ask yourself: “What is the question for which the card is the answer?”
(4) Go back to the card, observe and explicit the issue coming to your mind.
(5) Memorize the card, relax and let your brain flow freely.

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