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Melania and Donald Trump Synastry

Melania and Donald Trump Synastry 1

Melania and Donald Trump Synastry

I married Onassis because he was handsome like Croesus.


Synastry is an astrology branch that study the compatibility between two persons, by comparing their natal charts. For this example, Donald Trump and Melania roles as POTUS and the FLOTUS are set aside. We will be looking at them from a human perspective, as we would with any woman and man in a relationship. All ASTRO-RELATIONSHIP books come in three separate options: (1) “Synastry” about the interactions between the two persons, (2) “Composite” and (3) “Relationship” about the couple itself. Here, we will use the “Synastry” option to address the following question. Had he not become president, would Melania and Donald still be together? For this enquiry, we are extracting the following three meaningful interpretations from their ASTRO-RELATIONSHIP synastry astro-book.

Donald Sun square Melania Pluto. There can be intense struggles for authority and control between you. You may see each other as threats to your personal power or there may be jealousy, envy and scheming.”

Melania Venus square Donald Mars. This aspect is one of the strongest indicators of a dynamic sexual attraction between two people. There may occasionally be irritations because what Donald demands may not always be what Melania has to offer. But between two mature individuals this can allow for mutual and individual growth. Minor problems often tend to get worked out through sexual encounters.”

Melania Venus in Donald House 10. Melania’s social skills and contacts can help improve Donald’s status and professional standing. Donald’s professional standing can, in return, improve Melania’s security and comfort. Occasionally, she may encourage Donald to spend on luxuries that make a show of status and wealth.”

When they met in 1998, Donald was a famous 52-year old real estate mogul and Melania a successful 28-year old fashion model. Their sexual attraction was intense. He divorced his second wife Marla Maples and they even went together for a lewd interview on the Howard Stern show. The public opinion was perceiving Melania as another trophy in Donald womanizing life. However, there was much more than just the encounter of wealth and beauty. All along, both have helped each other satisfy their limitless ambitions. Beyond the limited pretty look, she plays a powerful role in their relationship.She has been and still is the strong woman behind the strong man. Today, she is a very attractive 49 and he is an aging 73. The intense sexual relationship eroded and was replaced by both being in love with themselves in the life they are living together. Here is my opinion about the sky answer to the initial question. Had he not become president Melania and Donald would still stay together. However, because of both narcissistic power needs, their union would likely have evolved into an open marriage.

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