Your Astro-Relationship

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A Match Made in Heaven?

Only the stars know … Now, thanks to your Astro-Relationship you can too. Whether dating, engaged or married, questions about you, the other and the relationship are limitless. Is he/she the right one? What are both contributing to the relationship? Is there a need for a change? Is there a problem with the relationship? How to fix it? Are you in love with the life you are living together? Consulting the stars will help providing you with the answers.

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Find out what the sky has in store for you

Your Astro-Relationship is a luxury pdf book based on your planets positions as well as the other person’s. Your Astro-Relationship gives you the option between three different types of relationship charts and interpretations: synastry, composite and relationship. Synastry lets you see how your stars align. The other two methods provide an inside look at the invisible entity, the couple itself.


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