Your Astro-Portrait

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Surprise yourself with the most precious gift of all … the joy of self-discovery

Enjoy the priceless gift of finding more about yourself. While this is the most cutting-edge gift for birthdays and anniversaries, the perfect time to gain an edge in self-knowledge is now.

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For an edge in self-knowledge

Your Astro Portrait is a luxury of 20+ pages pdf book based on the planets positions on the day of your birth. After your natal chart, data and keywords it details the following interpretations.

  • The 10-planet descriptions, zodiac signs and houses
  • The 12-house descriptions, zodiac signs and the ascendant 
  • Each of the 10 planets in aspects with the other planets

Your Astro-Portrait is unique to you, no two are alike. Knowing oneself is one of the most precious gifts in life, yet one of the most difficult to cultivate. Your Astro-Portrait offers you an entertaining new way to expand your own self-awareness.


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