Your Astro-Forecast

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Find out what the sky has in store for you during the coming weeks

Reveal the hidden secrets about your near future one day at the time. In today’s instable world, you need to rely on your own landmarks. Always consult the sky when you are worried about the unknown. The perfect time to gain an edge in forecast knowledge is now.

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Consult your sky for the coming weeks and months

Your Astro-Forecast is a luxury 15+ pages pdf book based on how the current transiting planets relate to your fixed natal planets. Following your natal chart, data and transits list, your Astro-Forecast will detail all meaningful transits interpretations.It will cover a forecast for the following 12 months.

Combining innovating computer technology with esoteric wisdom of the ages, your Astro-Forecast is like a window to the future on a day by day basis.


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