Your Astro-Birthday

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Discover the secrets about the 12 months following your birthday … and gain greater self-confidence

The sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position is your true birthday. It contains hidden information finally revealed in a 30 to 50-page report. The perfect time to access this priceless information is now.

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Your most important day of the year

Your Astro-Birthday is a luxury 30-50-page pdf book based on the planets positions on the day of your birthday. The technique used for your Astro-Birthday is known as Solar Return. After your birthday chart and data, it details the following interpretations.

  • The planets in hemispheres, quadrants, elements and modes
  • Each of the 10 planets in its house as well as its aspects with the other planets
  • The Ascendant sign, rétrogradations and relations between the Sun and the Moon

Sounds very technical, but the book is in plain English.


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