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Princess Diana Grandson

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Princess Diana Grandson

The whole world is in revolt. Soon there will be only five Kings left —the King of England, the King of Spades, The King of Clubs, the King of Hearts, and the King of Diamonds.


On May 6, 2019 a royal baby was born. Archie Harrison is the son of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, himself born to Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Diana, the people’s Princess, died in 1997 as the most celebrated royal person of her time. Everyone was impressed by her charisma, her warmth and her compassion. She had natural charm, elegant grace and noble heart, She would be accessible to all and dedicated to many charitable causes. Will Archie be her dignified successor? We will use his astro-book to address the following question. As Princess Diana grandson, will Archie Harrison follow in her footsteps? For this enquiry, we are extracting the following three meaningful interpretations from his ASTRO-CHILD book.

Moon in House 1. Archie needs to be noticed and likes to be in the company of others. Moon in 1 brings emotional security needs into the expression of his personality. Relationships with grandparents are exceptionally significant for this child. Emotions will have a powerful impact on health.”

Venus in Aries. Archie seems to exhibit a pure joie de vivre. He is attracted to situations and people which stimulate play, spontaneity and which may also be a bit competitive. Archie will love playing games, and may also be a very charming flirt. Warm hugs are appreciated and are likely to be forthcoming even in early childhood.”

Neptune in Pisces. Archie was born into the period 2011-2026, which speaks for his whole generation. This provides indicators where Archie can feel a desire to let go or to exercise compassion toward others. Encourage Archie to share his dreams and to use his creative imagination in story-telling, singing songs, drawing or play-acting.”

For Archie, relating to his grandparents is primordial. His grandfather Charles is still there but his grandmother Diana is not. In her absence, Archie will have to idealize her with videos, photos and stories.Like her, Archie is a people person and will not care much about royal ceremony. Like his grandmother Diana, Archie may symbolize the dream of justice, unity and compassion for his entire generation. Here is my opinion about the sky answer to the initial question. Archie profile shares more personality traits with grandma Diana than with Mom Meghan or Dad Harry. He does not have a king profile, but when he grows up he may use his royal heritage to become a world humanist leader. Personality similarities are often the case between non-sequential generation of family members.

Click here for Archie 29-page pdf ASTRO-CHILD

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