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Donald Trump 2020 – Astro-Birthday

Donald Trump 2020 - Astro-Birthday 1

Donald Trump 2020 – Astro-Birthday

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.


The ASTRO-BIRTHDAY is based on an astrological technique used to find the trends and potentials during the year following a person’s birthday. The technique, also known as Solar Return, is based on a person’s birthday sky, calculated for the sun exact return to its natal position and for the birthday city.The chart will look at the planets positions in houses and aspects between them. In this example, Donald Trump spent his 73rd birthday on June 14, 2019 in the White House. We will use Donald Trump ASTRO-BIRTHDAY book to address the following question. Will Donald Trump seek re-election in 2020? For this enquiry, we are extracting the following three meaningful interpretations from his ASTRO-BIRTHDAY book.

Aries Rising. You start each day with great enthusiasm and excess energy. The danger is that you can have blinders on and steamroll over others to get the job done. It is not my way or the highway thinking; you are just oblivious. If you work well into the night, remember to let others rest.”

Mars Opposite Saturn. Your efforts might be thwarted every inch of the way, all year long, especially if you are not ready, if you do not perform in a skilled manner, or if you do not put in an honest effort. You can be delayed for reasons totally beyond your control, and those reasons do not have to be rational or reasonable. Mars opposite Saturn is like trying to drive a car with the brakes on.”

Pluto in House 10. The push for success ends in a power struggle for advancement or a manipulative conflict for psychological supremacy. Controlling power is an issue here, and sometimes the emphasis is on a negative exploitation of position and authority. You can be the victim or the perpetrator; most likely you play both roles.”

During each minute of the last three years, Donald Trump’s has been systematically attacked by his opponents. They are not aware that of all that is excessive becomes derisory. The more they accuse the president, the greater his popularity. He gave the word stamina a new meaning. Would elections be held today, Trump would win in a landslide, However, a lot of unpredictable events can and will happen between now and November 2020. Would Trump have to keep endlessly swimming against the tide, or wouldn’t he rather be a grand-father? While he had said that he loves his job, does he really wants to seek his re-election? His greater strength has always been to turn the table and seek a new direction. Just for the sake of illustration, he might think in creating a 3rd party with supporters from both parties. Here is my opinion about the sky answer to the initial question. Donald Trump will only be interested in seeking re-election in 2020 if there would be a major game change.

Click here for Donald Trump 50-page pdf ASTRO-BIRTHDAY

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