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Surprise yourself with your life greatest secret … the bliss of well-being

Consulting the sky for wellness purpose is a timeless subject of antiquity. The stars at your birth own the secret of finding and preventing conditions and disorders. Astro-Wellness is all about the balance between your body and your soul. Enjoy the priceless gift of living your life to the fullest of its potential.

Your Astro-Wellness is a luxury of 30+ pages pdf book based on the planets positions in signs and houses on the day of your birth. It will detail the six topics listed below. The items interpretations in each topic will be specific to you.

  • Body– Anatomy and physiology • Pathological tendencies • Susceptible areas
  • Soul– Karmic tendencies • Normergic tendencies • Psychic purification
  • Food– Beneficial foods • Food allergy tendencies • Foods to avoid
  • Fragrances– Aromas • Empowerment fragrances • Beneficial Bach Flowers essences
  • Colors– Empowerment colors • Healing colors • Moderating colors
  • Remedies– Homeopathy • Herbal stimulants • Liver cleansing

The Astro-Wellness is not a substitute for a “diagnosis”. Its purpose is solely to provide an insight into the person’s (1) constitution whether strong or weak, (2) healing potential, (3) metabolism whether normal, fast or sluggish, and (4) pathological tendencies. The writer is Dr. Charles McWilliams, a noted author and researcher in the field of medical astrology. He is trained and disciplined in both western and asian medicines.

Combining innovating computer technology with esoteric wisdom of the ages, your Astro-Wellness will give you an exceptionally nuanced and insightful interpretation about your body and soul balance. It is unique to you, no two are alike. Revealing the sky messages about your well-being potential is one of the most precious gifts in life.

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