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You may have wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals? There is a secret. Now, thanks to the Astro-Child they do!

A child is the most beautiful being. Well guided, a child will become a happy adult. Nobody told you how to be a parent. It is a job to be learned on the job. You cannot afford to ignore what the stars have in store for your child. The positions of the planets on the day of the child birth hold the most personal secrets. The perfect time to gain the awareness about your child life potentials is now.

Your Astro-Child is a luxury pdf book based on the planets positions on the day of the child birth. You will gain the awareness of your child potential in 5 compelling chapters.

  • The basic underlying personality traits
  • Nurturing intellectual and physical health and development
  • Embracing emotional drives and needs
  • Fostering creativity and spirituality
  • Perceptions of the parents

Combining innovative computer technology with esoteric wisdom of the ages, your Astro-Child can give you exceptionally nuanced and insightful interpretations. It is unique for your child, no two are alike. Having a baby is the most precious gift in life. So is the guide to discover the child’s life potentials.

The Astro-Child is like a very personalized instruction manual. It will help you raising your child towards a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life. The Astro-Child will be providing you with a goldmine of information for which the parents and the child will be forever grateful.

The Astro-Child report is gender specific. If the child’s name is uncommon, please indicate if it is a boy or a girl name in the message box below.

Please proceed as follows: (1) fill the form, (2) send the form and (3) go to the cart.

If Birth Time is unknown, please click here for a new approach. Then add the found info in the form.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours delivery, as your report is assembled manually.

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