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“Astrology is the mother of astronomy, the daughter of mythology and the big sister of psychology” —Nikolas Herceku, mythologist


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My mission is helping others and passing on my lifelong experience and knowledge. Astrology excited my curiosity in 1973 and became a passion that didn’t left me ever since. May the story of my first discoveries inspire others…

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Paris 1973. I walk on the Champs Elysées. At the very entrance of the Galerie des Champs Elysées, my gaze turns to a big IBM machine over which the word ASTROFLASH could be read. It was a shop of astrological portraits generated by computer. The price being reasonable and my curiosity taking over my skepticism, I ordered a portrait. Based on my birth data, the machine began to produce a long accordion of pages describing my psychological profile. The portrait was surprisingly accurate as were those of my relatives. These were not superficial horoscopes, but rather highly individualized descriptions of the personality. Astroflash was created by a businessman who surrounded himself with the best astrologers for planetary calculations and psychological descriptions. Due to the immense continuous traffic of constantly different people, the choice of the of the Champs Elysées location was brilliant. Astroflash was a huge commercial success that lasted for several decades.

This experience would trigger my intense desire to understand what was happening in the computer to convert a person’s birth data into a psychological portrait. The following years took me on a journey of meetings, studies and research with the best astrologers in Belgium, France and the United States. In 1979, I bought an Apple IIe to create programs like Astroflash. The following year, I created an astrological research foundation in Florida followed by two years of commercial activities in California. The astrological portraits and forecasts were announced with a lot of advertising pages in magazines like Cosmopolitan. The branded business, known as Cosmo-Computing, sold more than 3,000 portraits in two years. For the record, the famous French magazine Paris Match dedicated me a two-page article entitled “The Belgian Astrologer Who Brings Star Peace to Americans” with a little nod to the then successful Star Wars.

Note that in astrology there are actually two zodiacs. There is the annual zodiac with which we are familiar where the Sun sweeps the 12 signs in one year, one sign per solar month. There is also a constellations zodiac that sweeps the 12 signs in 26000 year or 2160 years per sign. The first zodiac marks our personality and our destiny while the second marks the great ages of our civilization. Today, the current historical transition bridges the end of the Pisces Age to the entry into the Aquarius Age. More than four decades after my unexpected encounter with astrology, I’ve been doing research, writing over a thousand articles online, helping thousands of people finding the meaning of their lives and continue to develop more and better services. Over the years I have enriched my knowledge of astrology by combining it with other disciplines such as psychology, mythology and tarology. Astrology is a link between art and science, and I believe that it could one day serve as a basis for a new religion.


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