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Your own Astro-Books

Your Personal Astro-Books 1


Surprise yourself with the most precious gift of all … the joy of self-discovery. Enjoy the priceless gift of finding more about yourself. While this is the most cutting-edge gift for birthdays and anniversaries, the perfect time to gain an edge in self-knowledge is now.

Your Personal Astro-Books 2


A Match Made in Heaven? Only the stars know … Now, thanks to your Astro-Relationship you can too. Whether dating, engaged or married, questions about you, the other and the relationship are limitless. Is he/she the right one? What are both contributing to the relationship? Is there a need for a change? Is there a problem with the relationship? How to fix it? Are you in love with the life you are living together? Consulting the stars will help providing you with the answers.

Your Personal Astro-Books 3


Find out what the sky has in store for you during the coming weeks. Reveal the hidden secrets about your near future one day at the time. In today’s instable world, you need to rely on your own landmarks. Always consult the sky when you are worried about the unknown. The perfect time to gain an edge in forecast knowledge is now.

Your Personal Astro-Books 4


Surprise yourself with your life greatest secret … the bliss of well-being. Consulting the sky for wellness purpose is a timeless subject of antiquity. The stars at your birth own the secret of finding and preventing conditions and disorders. Astro-Wellness is all about the balance between your body and your soul. Enjoy the priceless gift of living your life to the fullest of its potential.

Your Personal Astro-Books 5


Discover the secrets about the 12 months following your birthday … and gain greater self-confidence. The sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position is your true birthday. It contains hidden information finally revealed in a 30 to 50-page report. The perfect time to access this priceless information is now.

Your Personal Astro-Books 6


You may have wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals? There is a secret. Now, thanks to the Astro-Child they do! A child is the most beautiful being. Well guided, a child will become a happy adult. Nobody told you how to be a parent. It is a job to be learned on the job. You cannot afford to ignore what the stars have in store for your child. The positions of the planets on the day of the child birth hold the most precious secrets. The perfect time to gain the awareness about your child life potentials is now.

It was fascinating, eye opening and it felt spot on. It helped me discover myself and my path, in an original, supportive and honest approach.


You brought a new insight to my sorrow, changing my tears into a smile. I recommend your services to anyone who is struggling with a life issue.


It has been a really incredible eye opener for me. I am really enjoying my life and feel much more empowered since knowing my true identity.


I was looking to find out where in the world would be the best place to spend my birthday. I am now feeling confident about the year ahead.


I became aware of the hidden unconscious cause. Now I smile and have regained self-confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Your overall analysis was very accurate. It now depends on me to find out how I will develop my new life. The future lies before me. Thank you.


Your help was precious and continues to resonate in me. I gradually integrated its positive and amazing effects. Thank you!!


Your astrological approach confirmed my vocation and build my self-confidence. My life is changed forever and I can’t thank you enough.


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